Behind every great salesperson is a great sales coach.

As Russell Dean likes to say, “We all have infinite potential, but you have to tap into that potential to realize your dreams.” For most of us, this is easier said than done. That’s why even the greatest salesperson can benefit from a great sales coach.

With Dean’s Knockout Sales Coaching, you’ll be armed with all the sales tools, tips, and hacks he’s been using for years to earn fives times the national average of the highest paid door-to-door salesperson—and to be ranked the #1 Salesman in his field for three years running.

Whatever you want—one-on-one or company-wide sales coaching—Dean’s Knockout Sales Coaching will give you:

  • Foolproof cold calling strategies and scripts that close the deal
  • Proven sales closing techniques that turn a “no” into a “yes”
  • The three P’s of any successful sale—Prospecting, Presentation, and Product knowledge
  • How to keep improving your sales skills by improving yourself, both personally and professionally 

As your personal coach, Dean brings his infectious “mind, body and soul” sales philosophy to every session. From years of pounding the pavement and leaving his competitor’s in the dust, Dean’s shares his persuasive sales techniques in his new book, “The Doorknocker’s Guide to the Galaxy” as well as across his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

The goal? To motivate you and your team to take your door knocking, telesales, cold calling, and upselling skills to the next level. You’ll even receive Dean’s Knockout Sales Success Guide tailored to meet your individual needs.

Even better, all of Dean’s coachings are customized to meet you and your sales team’s unique goals. He’ll even come to you—at your office, by webinar or via Skype.

Don’t go it alone! Schedule your Knockout Sales Coaching today. 



“If you are in sales and depend on commissions you need to check this website out. There is no doubt he is the best at what he does and he can help you maximize your talents and make the amount of money you deserve.”

Josh Noe

Become a sales champion with Russell Dean’s Knockout Sales Coaching.

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