Great salespeople are made, not born.

No matter how long you’ve been in sales or how good you think you are, you can always up your skillset. With Russell Dean’s Knockout Sales Training Seminars, you’ll learn winning sales tips, tools, and hacks he’s been using for years to leave his competitors flat on the mat.

Whether you’re a sales team of one of you manage a team of hundreds, Dean’s Knockout Sales Training Seminars will empower you with:

  • Foolproof cold calling strategies and scripts that close the deal
  • Proven sales closing techniques that turn a “no” into a “yes”
  • The three P’s of any successful sale—Prospecting, Presentation, and Product knowledge
  • How to keep improving your sales skills by improving yourself, both personally and professionally 

Ultimately, Dean’s goal is to inspire you and your sales team to stay motivated even when you’re in the heat of the fight. Whether you’re in telesales, doorknocking, or upselling, cold calling is often the most difficult aspect of any sale. With Dean’s foolproof cold calling training, you and your sales team will learn how to anticipate and overcome every objection, how to redirect the conversation back to benefits and value, and how to close the deal before they close the door.

The best part? All of Dean’s seminars are customized to meet you and your sales team’s unique goals. He’ll even come to you—at your office, special event, or by webinar. After all, great salespeople are made from experience, grit, and a relentless spirit. Become one of the greats. Sign up for your Knockout Sales Training Seminar today. 


“Cheers to you Russell Dean for sharing your secrets of doable techniques for the ordinary person who desires to be an extraordinary individual!”

Genie Dean

Inspire your sales team!