A Doorknocker’s Guide to the Universe

In this new guide to the world of sales, author Russell Dean explains the important relationship between professional success and personal happiness. If you need a shake-up in your life or simply want a new challenge to tackle, a sales career offers you a wonderful new opportunity.

Dean is one of the “doorknockers” in his book’s title. He spent years working in door-to-door sales. He understands the difficulties of cold calling and making that first pitch. He also knows that these methods can lead to life-changing rewards.

Dean explains how to

  • Capture a prospect’s attention in less than two minutes
  • Read body language and expressions from both prospects and coworkers
  • Get the prospect to say “Yes!”
  • Use the “because” reason to your advantage
  • Understand how the sales industry really works
  • Maximize your territory with minimum investment
  • Put the 80/20 rule to work for you
  • Network with other departments in your company
  • Set yourself up for success using focus
  • Open the door, close the sale!

Dean recommends devoting five minutes out of your day to learning something new from his guide. He has divided the book into short, simple lessons, giving you the tools you need to build a successful career as a stellar salesperson.

“Absolutely loved Russell’s book. A great read with great tools and insights into being successful and motivated me into being better than I am each day. Thanks Russell.”

Kevin Foster

Get Dean’s game-changing sales hacks in his new book, “A Doorknocker’s Guide to the Universe.”