#1 National Salesman, Sales coach, Author and Veteran.

#1 National Salesman, Sales coach, Author and Veteran.

With Dean’s Knockout Sales System, you and your sales team can drastically increase your income, decrease your workload, and be on your way to a happier, healthier life—living the dream.

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Ready to be a Sales Champion? Read Dean's new book "A Doorknocker's Guide to the Universe."

In this new guide to the world of sales, author Russell Dean explains the important relationship between professional success and personal happiness. You have the power and the drive to change your life. Let “A Doorknocker’s Guide to the Universe” show you the best place to begin!

Knockout Sales Training

Learn how to be unstoppable.

With Dean’s Knockout Sales Training Seminars, you and your team will gain the sales tips, tools, and hacks that promise to open more doors and close more sales.

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Knockout Sales Coaching

Sell more, work less

With one-on-one Knockout sessions tailored to your goals, you can turn every “no” into a “yes.” Make sure doors don’t close until the deal is closed.

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Want to Make Your First Million?

Watch Russell share his story on how he went from losing everything to making his first million. He combined his 20+ years of sales success with advice from the greatest salespeople in history—and created the Russell Dean method. Once you learn this method, you’ll be equipped with the same selling techniques he used to make millions.

“You’re only on this planet for a short time, you might as well make as much money as you can!” – Russell Dean

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