Celebrating Success

September 7th, 2017 | Blog

Give yourself credit!

It can be easy to accomplish a goal and move right onto the next one. It’s great to feel the gratitude and be thankful. This is extremely powerful because it’s a healing energy for your body and it feels great! If your goal for the day is closing sales, your body will want to feel that healing gratitude more and that gratitude will help you close more sales faster to get more of those endorphins! If my daily goal is four sales a day then that means I get to feel all that positive healing energy four times a day. What a gift! This is how I celebrate my same day goals.

Medium size goals, like the monthly sales quota that I set for myself, get my gratitude and a mini celebration – like taking my wife out to a nice dinner.

Celebrating long term goals like paying off a mortgage, new car or an annuity, gives you permission to throw a large party! Be the life of your party by burning the note to your mortgage!

I really love these concepts because it adds so much value all the way around from accomplishing your goals to healing your body with gratitude and happiness everyday!

Love and respect,
Russell Dean

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