Mirroring Your Prospect

October 7th, 2017 | Blog

When you are able to mirror your prospect it will open doors for you to close the sale. The more you practice mirroring the more natural you’ll be at it. If your prospect holds their hands a certain way, you mirror that posture. Whatever tone the prospect is using in their voice – loud, soft or medium – mirror that as well. I once asked a salesman what type of handshake he gives his prospect, he replied, “A firm strong shake”. That is the wrong answer! The correct handshake is to mirror the one the prospect gave you. You may think that the prospect will pick up on this as you mocking them, they won’t! Their brain is actually receiving signals that the sales person is like them, which can make them like you! Mirror so you can have a real conversation to expose what value you have to offer. That way you can close the sale every time.

Peace and love,
Russell Dean

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