Raise Your Vibration

September 22nd, 2017 | Blog

Raising your vibration is a key ingredient when building rapport with your prospect. We are all vibrating and what you do on a daily basis effects how high your vibration is. There have been studies done that show when two or more people are together, their brains are exchanging information.

This is why we get a good vibe or a bad vibe from people. Babies, cats and birds are extremely sensitive to your vibration. I’ve had babies and cats all over me while I’m writing up an order confirmation! Not saying that’s fun, but at least they are confirming your high vibration!

There are some easy ways to raise your vibration. First and foremost, if you have any hatred in your heart, release it and replace it with love! Eat more foods that are not processed – like fruit and vegetables. My favorite hack is juicing every morning. Wear a huge smile everyday and be the most positive person you know! These simple steps alone will blast your vibration much higher. Here are some more things you can do: meditate (start with as little as 1 minute a day), yoga, exercise, and deep breathing.

When you have a big meeting with a prospect, job interview or anything where you want to be well received, hold a power pose for two minutes. There is a study that was done by social psychologist Amy Cuddy. It was discovered that when holding a power pose for 2 minutes people could blast their vibration through the roof! The two main power poses are standing with feet spread open and hands on the hips (like Wonder Woman) or hands up in the air like a V for victory. You can see examples in my Power Pose videos on Youtube.

When you hold these positions for 2 minutes, you will raise your vibration extremely high. The cool thing about all of this is yes, it will help you close more sales, but you will also be creating a more happy and healthier life for yourself!

Keep raising your vibration!
Peace and love,
Russell Dean

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